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Welcome to Conversations in the Classroom, a collaborative blog to meet each and every teacher’s needs!  So, pull up a chair, grab a cup of coffee or tea, and join our conversations!  How can we do this?  It has taken a huge effort on behalf of many teacher-authors who have come together to make this happen!  Let’s take a quick look at who’s here and what our purposes are so that you, our reader, can continue to gather in our coffee shop and join our conversations! 


Here, you will find all that you need for your primary classroom needs!  This means craftivites, great teaching ideas, seasonal specials, and more!  These teachers will be offering conversations that cover our smallest of students, to those sprouting into intermediate students.  The educators you will meet here come from a variety of backgrounds, interests, and all parts of the world!  

3rd -5th Grades

As our students advance, a whole new skillset is needed to be successful.  In this corner of our café, you will find just what you need to help these advancing students.  Content area, language art skills, and math ideas will be found throughout the postings by these great teacher-authors!  We are excited to share our experience with you!

Grades 6-7th 

Our middle school teachers  are located in a special place in our café!  Find great tips and ideas for the middle school classroom!  Their posts will fill you with robust information to fill your cup of knowledge and help your middle school classroom be the best! 

Throughout our café, you will also find a sprinkle of special educators and artists to enhance everything you need in all grade levels! 

We also are offering our valuable information in a number of ways on Social Media!  Follow us on these links to keep up-to-date with all that we have going on! 

So, come back often with your coffee or tea and join into our conversations!  Be sure to leave a comment on posts that you enjoy or have ideas to share!  We look forward to hearing from you!  And, as a special gift to you, we are also running Dollar Deals in our stores!

Join us by following our Social Media contacts through Facebook, Twitter,  Instagram, and Pinterest!  

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