An Interesting and Important Way to Incorporate Graphing


Winter Holidays!

      Have you ever thought to use graphing as a spontaneous way to keep students busy practicing a skill, while their minds are on upcoming holidays! Or coming back to school after a holiday, when they rather be still at home.

Here are some ways to get your mind thinking about graphing:

Going somewhere in the school:  

line up by categories:   

long hair- short hair, 

jeans-no jeans,

 ride a bus- car rider- walk home, 

brothers - no brothers   

Note Cards: 

 Ask the students to draw their favorite pet, game, outdoor fun, etc. 

 Then arrange the cards into a graph.

Read a Book:  Ask them their favorite character.

What do they like to do when it snows?

Have a yes or no question each day for them to answer as they come in the door. 


 Do you have brown eyes?  

Can you ride a bike? 

 Do you go to bed before 8 or after 8 at night?

Graphing can become a normal part of your day.   If you practice this daily, the skill becomes automatic for them.

     I hope this jump starts your thinking. 

Here is a free activity for winter graphing.  I am attaching a link for it.  You can use it any time of year, but winter and Christmas are the best fit. 

Happy Winter Break!


by Unknown

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